FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions about SA Debt Relief Services
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about SA Debt Relief Services

» What would happen if married COP and only one wants to apply for debt counseling and joint bond in both names?

Answer: The bank may request that both apply for Debt Counseling and balance of bond would be divided into both applications. If bond needs to be excluded from debt review and must then receive normal installments.

» What If I cannot afford the service fees of debt counseling?

Answer: Then SA Debt Relief will accommodate you so that their is an acceptable arrangement in place in order to assist you.

» How long will I be repaying my debts?

Answer: It all depends on the amount you owe on your debts and the interest they are charging. But there is no fixed time period for repaying debts. Credit Cards, Personal loans, Clothing, etc.. will be paid in 60 months maximum.

» Can my creditors charge interest monthly?

Answer: Yes they can how ever it will be fixed interest up and till the debts is paid in full.

» Can I include my company (PTY or CC) accounts under debt review?

Answer: No you can not unless your company is trading under a one man business then only. But no CC (Close corporations) or Pty companies can be included.

» What happens if I cancel my debt review while accounts is not paid up yet?

Answer: Your creditors may reserve the write to make all arrears applicable due to the debt review agreement, this will no longer be in place. This means that you will need to bring the arrears up to date or make a acceptable arrangement with creditors.

» What happens if my vehicle brakes down and I need a loan to fix it?

Answer: You will not be able to due to while under debt review and that is why its important to make sure their is insurances or saving cash to do repairs when needed or when the time comes. SA debt relief will make provision for this in budget

» If any other questions, please address them to Client Queries for additional information needed