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Tips & Advice

Most common problem is that consumers don't know when to sell property or to stop using credit cards. They mostly try and pay accounts that is in arrears at the bank with personal loans or credit cards.

In some other cases if something happens and you need money urgently then consumers use the credit card or simply using them to buy a gift or pay for dinner.

It might sound like the predicament that you are in know or similar problem.

First step is to admit to have financial problems as well as admitting you need help or professional advice.

Second step is getting in contact with such a company or person you might know of someone in your same situation already.

Third step committing 100% to whatever you have decided to do regarding the rehabilitation of your process this might even affect your family in some why or another due to some luxuries that needs to be cut.

Solutions & Advice

* It all start by making copies of your credit cards front and back and after cut it all up in pieces.

* Reducing expenses to survive with out using credit this can be achieved by evaluating your needs as to survive (This must be preferably be done by a outside person that can be able to see all aspects of the house hold needs).

Most people expenses is some like this after they attempted to cut down on essential needs

* Reduced social worker hours to maybe 2 times a week
* Canceling some policies ( Might be vehicle or house old insurance )
* Buying food at Pick and Pay as well as looking out for specials
* Trying to reduce on house hold cleaning supplies